What’s this blog all about?

I was running recently, putting the world to right in my head, as one does, when I got to thinking about someth12106845_10156149306525370_5540232439183336330_ning. An idea developed and soon I’d come up with a strategy . As is usually the case, my mind then wandered: ping-ponging from how crap the weather was, to whether or not aliens exist (of course they do), to just how crazy terrorism is – all in the last kilometre alone. It was only when I’d finished that my grand idea came back to me. Hastily jotting it down on my phone, so as not to lose it again, I wondered how many interesting ideas my scatter brain

Littered amongst the more peculiar brainwaves (if Wile E. Coyote could afford all that ACME stuff surely he could’ve just bought some food? what’s the deal with yawning?)

So, if you’re interested in the musings of a twenty-something with little to no clue about anything, you’ve come to the right place. Stick around and read my thoughts as I try to navigate the big bad world and figure out exactly what the bloody hell is going on.


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